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Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter
Product Detail



Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter

Plug-in electromagnetic flow sensor (sensor for short) and electromagnetic flow converter (converter for short) are matched into plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter (flowmeter for short) to measure the volume flow of various conductive liquids in the conveying pipeline.

The sensor has the following characteristics:

◆ The sensor has no moving parts, simple structure and reliable operation.

◆ Plug-in structure can be installed and removed conveniently without stopping water under low pressure or under pressure. Therefore, it is very suitable for fluid measurement of existing pipelines and is convenient for instrument maintenance and repair.

◆ The measurement accuracy is not affected by changes in physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, density, viscosity and conductivity of the measured medium (as long as the conductivity is greater than 5S/cm).

◆ The sensor has almost no pressure loss and extremely low energy loss.

◆ Compared with general electromagnetic flowmeter, the manufacturing cost and installation cost are lower. It is especially suitable for flow measurement of large and medium diameter pipelines.

◆ Adopt advanced low frequency square wave excitation. The zero point is stable, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the work is reliable.

◆ Large flow measurement range. The full-scale flow rate in the pipeline to be measured can be arbitrarily set from 1m/s to 10m/s, and the output signal has a linear relationship with the flow rate.

Flowmeter has not only 0 ~ 10ma DC or 4 ~ 20ma DC standard current output, but also 1~5kHz frequency output. because flowmeter (sensor) has the above-mentioned series of advantages, it has been widely used in industrial departments such as chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, papermaking, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, etc. and automatic control of conductive liquid flow measurement and production process of agricultural irrigation water metering.


Pipe diameter


Velocity range




0.1~10m/s:±2.5%FS(FS refers to the flow of 40% ~ -100% full range)

Electrical conductivity

> 5μs/cm

Straight pipe

Top 5 dn, after 3 dn

Medium temperature


environment temperature




Protection grade

IP65 (integrated) IP68 (separated)


316 l stainless steel

output signal

4-20mA;RS485;HART protocol; MODBUS protocol

Sensor material

Stainless steel

Working power supply

220VAC,Tolerances 15% or 24VDC, ripple 5%



Stress levels



1. Insert the electromagnetic flow meter in the official road flow detection, the installation is simple, can not break the flow, the field class with pressure hole, has the absolute advantage of installation and price advantage.

2. It is suitable for water, sewage, acid, strong base and other liquid flow detection with conductivity above 5us/cm. The change of conductivity does not affect the change of performance, and it is highly adaptable to the complex change of fluid. It is especially suitable for flow measurement of water supply and drainage pipes.

3. The flow meter has no mechanical moving parts, and the converter adopts optimized design, with compact structure and easy installation. The converter and sensor are interchangeable, and the measurement range can be changed freely (0.5m/s ~ 10m/s).

4. The flow detection is only related to the insertion depth, so the flowmeter has wide universality and strong interchangeability. One model can be used for all types of pipe fluid measurement requirements.

5. It can be connected with any standard secondary instrument.

6. 4 ~ 20mA current output;

7. Pulse output can be set;

8. RS485 interface, HART communication protocol, MODBUS protocol.

9. Automatic range switching function. When the flow range of the meter changes, the range can be automatically switched to ensure accurate measurement within the full range.

10. Forward and backward flow calculation function. Users can choose forward metering or reverse metering (factory is positive metering).

11. Upper and lower limit alarm, and the user can set the instantaneous flow of upper and lower limit as required, when the flow exceeds the set value of upper limit or lower limit, the buzzer alarm or relay output (optional by the user).

12. Air traffic control alarm. In the working state, when the flow meter measures the empty pipe in the pipe, the instantaneous flow is zero, the upper right corner displays the alarm. ,

13. Power off protection, the calculation results of the flow meter and the parameters set by the user will not be lost after power off, EEPROM can save the set parameters and cumulative values.

14. Small signal removal function. The user can set the lower limit voltage or lower limit flow through the display panel, so as to remove the interference small signal.

15. The instrument applies the principle of "automatic zeroing" to eliminate electrochemical interference signals and stabilize the zero point.

16. Converters and sensors are available in a variety of protection classes and mounting modes, including IP68 for submersible installations.







Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

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