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Electromagnetic cold and heat meter
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Electromagnetic type heat meter

Electromagnetic heat meter is a kind of meter which can measure the heat released by heat-carrying fluid in the heat transfer system. The high-precision and highly reliable electromagnetic flowmeter is used as the flow measurement, and the high-precision and highly stable platinum thermal resistance is used as the temperature measurement, so that the thermal meter has very excellent measurement performance. Can be widely used in residential areas, office buildings and enterprises and institutions centralized heating, heating, air conditioning and other heat metering.


1. Technical parameters of electromagnetic thermal energy converter:

Power supply: 220V AC(110VAC ~ 245VAC), 24VDC

Power consumption: 20W (matching power consumption)

. Accuracy level: level 1 or level 2 (supporting precision)

Protection level: IP65

Ambient temperature: class A

. The temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃

Optional temperature measurement range: - 30 ℃ ~ 180 ℃

Temperature measurement range: 1 ℃ ~ 90 ℃

Maximum flow reading (m3) : 9999999999 (tens place)

Maximum heat reading (Mwh) : 9999999999 (tens place)

Heat units: kJ, MJ, GJ, KWH, Mwh are optional

Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA DC / 600 load resistor (can switch between heat and flow parameters)

Pulse output: maximum frequency 5000Hz, pulse width 0.1ms ~ 999.9ms (can switch between heat and flow parameters)

Communication: rs-485 (rs-232, m-bus, HART, etc.)

2. Technical parameters of electromagnetic flow sensor:

Nominal diameter: DN50 ~ DN1400mm

Nominal pressure: 0.6mpa ~ 4MPa

Lining material: high temperature resistant rubber, PTFE, PFA, F46

Electrode materials: molybdenum stainless steel, hastelloy B, hastelloy C, titanium, platinum/iridium alloy, tantalum

Structure forms: size, a size medium temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 180 ℃

3. Technical parameters of temperature sensor:

Sensor type: PT1000

Installation: protective sleeve

Conductor length: 0.6m ~ 15m

The electromagnetic heat meter is a measuring instrument for measuring the heat released by the heat-carrying fluid in the thermal transformation system of conductive medium. The high precision electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure the flow, and the high quality Pt100 platinum thermal resistance is used to measure the temperature. Can be widely used in residential areas, office buildings and enterprises and institutions centralized heating, heating, air conditioning and other heat metering.

Compared with other types of heat meters, the electromagnetic heat meter is more stable and reliable with a precision of 1.0-1.5. The LCD screen displays the cumulative heat, cumulative flow, instantaneous heat, instantaneous flow, inlet temperature, outlet temperature, temperature difference or other lambda parameters. The measurement flow range is wide, and the flow rate can be set at any time within the range of 0.3m/s ~ 10m/s. With a removable EPROM, the flow meter configuration parameters and flow and heat detection data can be stored, and the data will not be lost when power is lost. Electromagnetic sensors of PTFE teflon (130 ℃), fep F46 (180 ℃), high temperature resistant silicon fluorine rubber (250 ℃) for the user to choose from; The parameter units displayed on the LCD screen are: instantaneous flow optional display units: m3 /h, m3 /m, m3 /s, L/h, L/m, L/s, G/h, G/m, G/s. Cumulative flow is displayed in m3, L, G, etc. (note: G for English unit: gallons) for ℃ temperature unit, heat unit KJ; HART protocol can also be selected for the standard configuration of electromagnetic heat meter RS485 (MODBUSE protocol).


The electromagnetic flowmeter with ceramic lining USES high-temperature resistant ceramics as lining, and 316L, hastelloy, Ti and tantalum materials as measuring electricity

Extremely, can effectively and accurately measure food, medicine and other industries to the health conditions of the higher requirements of the occasion.

Ceramic lining electromagnetic flow calculation of the general difference in the flow meter with ceramic materials as a lining, can play a high temperature,

Internal surface is smooth, not easy to retain sundries, easy disinfection and other traditional flow meter can not solve the problem. The ceramic lining inside the electromagnetic flowmeter does not

There are moving parts, the inner wall is smooth and convenient to use steam to sweep disinfection, so as to achieve safety and health, no bacterial residue.






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Customer Cases

Customer Cases

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