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Battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter
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Battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter

Battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter features:

1. Designed for the water industry to meet the needs of urban water supply and ensure accurate water price calculation, it is widely used in urban water supply (cold water), urban heating (hot water), sewage treatment, water conservancy engineering and other industries. No water quality interference, no winding, no blockage, almost no pressure loss, long-term reliable continuous work. Especially suitable for large flow heating.

2. The use of special design of the sensor system of excitation system and intelligent, and adopted the 16-bit embedded amd processor power consumption, quantity of full digital signal processing, work stability, high measurement precision, strong anti-interference ability, realize the automatic two-way flow measurement, the instantaneous flow, direction, the accumulative total, according to the diagnosis of fault alarm, GSM/GPRS wireless data remote transmission, and other functions, the user through the powerful GSM/GPRS wireless remote management software system can realize traffic data remote transmission, storage, and other functions. And can achieve 3.6v /12V or 220V multi-way power supply automatic switching.

3. On the basis of accurate measurement, the instrument and control part are integrated to realize automatic cut off and connected operation of pipelines. The intelligent electric control valve moves slowly when it is opened to avoid excessive liquid flow rate and damage to the instrument itself to prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents. The opening of the valve requires the user to pay in advance. When the user's balance is insufficient, the system will automatically send a message to the user's mobile phone, prompting the user to recharge as soon as possible. When the user has no balance, the system automatically sends instructions to close the valve and cut off the pipeline. After the user recharge, the valve will open automatically and connect the pipeline.

4. Electromagnetic flow meter is the best choice for large water users to upgrade their measurement

Water is a precious and non-renewable resource, which needs to be effectively measured and controlled when energy saving and consumption reduction is advocated. Accurate and fair measurement and effective supervision and control are the basic means to save water and reduce waste. The most direct way for water supply enterprises to improve economic benefits is to implement accurate and fair trade measurement, realize large user measurement and monitoring, and implement regional measurement method to reduce leakage. Battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeters provide the simplest and most direct means of achieving the above objectives.

In the pipe network water supply, more and more flow meters are used in the household metering and regional metering systems to reduce the leakage rate. In order to realize leakage monitoring in pipe network, it is necessary to monitor at night when water consumption is low.

It can provide bidirectional high precision measurement and is an ideal flowmeter for leakage detection. At the same time, excellent repeatability ensures that only true flow mutations are detected.



Flow range (m3/h)

CAL(mm)CAL(mm)Flow range(m3/h)
Code nameElectrode materials
K6Platinum alloy
K7Stainless steel coated with tungsten carbide
codeLining material
C1Ptfe F4
C2Polyperfluoroethylene propylene F46
C3Polyfluoroethylene FS
C4Polystyrene rubber
C5Polyurethane rubber
F20-3khz,5v active, variable pulse width, high effective frequency output
F3RS485 interface
T1ambient temperature
T2High temperature type
T3Ultra high temperature type
J1Monomorphic structure
J2Fractional structure
J3Explosion-proof type structure


The measurement accuracy is not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.

The measuring pipe has no obstruction, no moving parts and no pressure loss.

The solenoid flow sensor can be well grounded with grounding electrode.

Electromagnetic flow sensor adopts advanced processing technology, so that the instrument has a good ability to resist negative pressure.

Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy.

High definition backlight LCD display, full Chinese menu operation, easy to use, easy to operate, under strong light goods night can read clearly.

With two-way flow, two-way total cumulative function, current, frequency with two-way output function.

The measuring precision of the instrument system is high and the range of use is wide. It can not only be used for the measurement of sewage, cement slurry and ore slurry, but also for the measurement of the flow rate of strong acid and strong alkali liquid.

Converter output powerful: not only with 4-20ma, pulse output, but also with RS485 or RS232, HART and other digital communication and GPRS wireless data remote transmission.







Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

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